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Organization Development

In order to grow or strengthen an organization, leaders must be ready to meet more complex organization challenges. 

Organization development is all about change: change that focuses on the nature of the work employees perform, the alignment of organization goals, the structure for accomplishing work, the resources available, and the processes and systems in place to get the work done.


Helping an organization change is not an easy thing to do. In today's world, it's an ongoing challenge. Frequently it requires outside perspective as well as a combination of skills and experience that may not be found internally.


With Avalon's organization development expertise, you'll be better able to:

  • Objectively assess your organization needs

  • Develop a clear, compelling picture of what must change and why

  • Determine a plan of who and what will be affected

  • Anticipate problems and be prepared to respond

  • Secure commitment and solicit creative ideas for successful implementation

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can anticipate and manage change more successfully.

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